Traber Production

Traber productions move, become a dance, break through the frame with us

When actually –
did we forget that we are much more than we give ourselves credit for?

Fortunately, someone comes along and shows us: What I am, you are too. What I do today, I do every day! A little awakening is a pleasure that lasts between distance and closeness.

In short: with Georg Traber we are on our way.

Where to? – To those images that slip away when we dream what we dream just before awakening. Once again the body becomes light, agile, swings artistically and nimbly high up, draws a scaffolding in the sky with slender linked poles – like John. We follow breathlessly. No hesitation and no swaying. Nothing but a view.

No awakening yet: John the ape straightens up, the AFF, reminding us of forests, of swaying branches, of our arms that have become short, and looks at us with our eyes. What a game with our forgotten bodies!

The Swiss-French group takes us into a world between reality and fantasy.

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John builds
... and builds ...

John proves himself to be an excellent climber as he glides up and down in his labyrinth of poles,

and with dexterity and surefootedness,

over and again he tests the towers’ structure

and its strength as it progresses upwards from the ground.

Although every tower ever built may different in form.


Duration: 3,5 – 4 h, active installation


In- and outdoor / Festival programme

KARRUZIK is a motorless carousel. Like a ferryman, the operator drives the audience in a circle.

KARRUZIK accompanies his passengers on this round trip with original music, played by the band in the middle of the carousel.

"John the Ape"
the mobile mini zoo

John the showman fools around and shows off to the curious looks of passers by as if he was both animal and guardian.

But Hans is not dumb:

by not using speech he just abdicates human convention.

No one knows just how much of an ape or a person John the ape really is.

Artist: Georg Traber

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Video “John the Ap”

"Hikohki Gumo"
(japanese Vapour trail)

A 20 minutes’ circus invention of an ancient tradition.

12 hazel-rods – 1 length of string – a duration of 20 minutes.

Artist: Georg Traber

"Till hits"
Till presents the knife throwing machine

Till is pitcher and hitter, and also an engineer.

Till always hits what he wants with his knives.

And because he doesn’t always like to throw, the clever fellow has built himself a machine,

one that throws and hits.

Artist: Georg Traber

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Video “Till hits”