Anna Krazy

... an incredibly touching circus show

“All Strings Attached” is a fascinating contemporary street show of dance, acrobatics and contortion! It carries a meaning that leaves the audience in tears and makes them look inside. 

A story about trust and cohesion.

Anna Kristin bends as if she had no bones and does tricks that will leave you breathless!

Extreme contortion and crazy acrobatics! This heartwarming, graceful and astonishing show is a must see! 

Anna Krazy
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Video “All Strings Attached”
Ieper, 2022

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Video “All Strings Attached”

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Anna Krazy Foto: © Eric Pyl
Foto: © Eric Pyl
Anna Krazy
Foto: © Gregory Verfaillie
Anna Kristin McCarthy is Anna Krazy
... a circus artist originally from the Baltic country Estonia

She has now taken her street show “All Strings Attached” around the world!

Anna Kristin started her journey in performance life in 2002 when she joined Circus Studio Folie in Tallinn. She was also introduced to theatre thanks to her family from a very young age.

She has studied circus and theatre in formal studies and in experience. She also looks at herself as a lifelong student and always learns more in all the productions she is involved in.

In 2016 she found professional street performing scene and decided to create her own street performance. Many trials and errors later she found her way in this field and that’s when “All Strings Attached” was born. 

​She is also raising two beautiful boys with her husband Chris Blaze, who is also a magnificent performer. When possible, they do festivals together to have the family united.
Anna Krazy - Anna Kristin McCarthy
Anna Krazy Foto: Dagobert Declercq
Foto: © Dagobert Declercq