Funky Bike Band - Music on cycles

LaDinamo from Catalonia is funk in motion – music on bikes.

A unique mobile band on wheels that breaks all the rules.

A moving high-voltage concert and a frenetic party to the rhythm of funk, groove, acid jazz and dance music.

Let’s move and dance and laugh

LaDinamo’s funky show

In the middle of the city, a crazy bicycle team suddenly appears.

An apparition like a Tour de France, in the pure 70s style of Eddy Merckx.

The square fills with groovy sound and everyone starts dancing.

There is no stopping them.

The show with a frenetic and driving tempo.

Come to dance!

LaDinamo, 7 musicians, mobile on the road with their own sound system.

A pure explosion of creativity and rhythm.

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Video “Funky Bike Band”

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Video “La Dinamo – Push the Kids”

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