La Trócola Circ

New Circus from Barcelona

The production of the Spanish group “La Trócola Circ” is based on the play and exploration of objects. With a clear commitment to innovation, they stage different non-verbal languages through the use of various circus disciplines, creating impressive and fascinating shows for all ages.

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Emportats is a show that combines various disciplines – acrobatics, juggling and live music.

Among other things, the varied and diverse use of doors creates musical, humorous and poetic images in the current programme “Emportats”, whose aesthetics immerse the viewer in a journey of the senses.
A show in which the 5 actors transcend the established boundaries with coordination, precision and energy.

Duration: approx.45 minutes; indoor or outdoor, for every age

Awards: February 2018: Best circus show, FETEN, Gijón, Spain
October 2018: Best circus show of the Valencian district, Spain
July 2019: Award public best show, Ludwigshafen, Germany

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“Potted”, a unique and original show based on the exploration of space, objects, structures and rhythm.

Four artists who achieve direct communication with the audience, full of great visual impact, through the help of diverse circus disciplines such as acrobatics, juggling and working with objects. Harmony and chaos, gravity and weightlessness, the limits of the object and the people, the endlessness…. static and dynamic.

An innovative, atmospheric and poetic journey.

Duration: approx.35 minutes; indoor or outdoor, for every age

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Video “Potted”