„Simply British" and above all extremely funny

WallStreetTheatre presents an explosive mixture of dry English humour, eccentric mime and a pinch of artistry.

Whether as a show interlude at congresses and company parties, an evening-long programme in theatres and on stages or outdoors at festivals and open-air events, WallStreetTheatre is one of the top acts in the comedy scene and fascinates with shows in its very own style. – Fast-paced and highly bizarre.

Also as presenters for a cabaret gala or variety programmes, they give your show a “Simply British” face or take up your individual theme.

"All inclusive"
... on board the MS Arthrosa / Theatre programme

Mr Schultze and Mr Schröder set sail. In their luggage they have a guest performance contract for an appearance at the Captains Dinner Show on board the cruise ship MS Arthrosa. They are looking forward to a relaxing time until their assignment at the end of the voyage.

But from the very first moment they realise that things are going differently than they had hoped – because they have not read the small print in the contract.

Barely on board, dressed completely wrong according to the dress code, they spontaneously have to put on a welcome show. This brings the entertainment boss Señor Gonzalez onto the scene. He increasingly ensures that the trip turns into a disaster for the two.

Even the Indian cabin steward is no help and only brings more bad news. Of course, Mr Schultze and Mr Schröder are not the only ones responsible for the on-board entertainment. One by one they are ordered to do all the work on board:
Their shore excursions are cancelled, the ship’s propeller has to be cleared of plastic waste and the guests have to be kept happy. Their only allies are two ship rats with whom they share their cabin.

But through all the drudgery, the fellow sufferers come closer and closer together. And so, at the Captains Dinner on the MS Arthrosa, there is a furious final performance with their legendary tablecloth trick.

Language: German and english

Duration: 2×45 minutes, for open air events by arrangement.

Director: Karl-Heinz Helmschrot

WallStreetTheatre. Fotograf: Ludolf Dahmen.
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Video “All inclusive”

"Simply British"
In- und Outdoor / Festivalprogramm

It is widely known: English people are reserved, reticent and always strive for composure. Mr Schultze and Mr Schröder thoroughly dispel these clichés. Because the British can also be different.

In the tradition of Mr. Bean and Monty Python, they rely on wonderfully wry humour, nonsense and hilarious verbal attacks. Of course, they also take a dig at the “Germans”.

In the finale, the two gentlemen take aim not only at the Queen but also at themselves in a sparkling fireworks display.

Language: German and english

Duration: 2×45, at open air events by arrangement.

Director: Detlef Winterberg

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Video “Simply British”