Doris Friedmann

Doris Friedmann is a pure stunner!

Her music is a mixture of chanson, blues, tango, Italian aria and gypsy traditional. Her theatre includes languages, mime, pantomime and dance. And comedy is in her blood. As a diva or a woman of the world, as a seasoned woman who speaks from experience, or as a mischievous tap dancer, she captivates her audience.

On large, small or no stages, with a complete programme, flexible short programmes, as a musical walk act or as a presenter. Whether street theatre or festival, theatre or cultural programme, Doris Friedmann is a pure stunner!

She sings, plays accordion, saxophone, piano and flute – and loves to eat chocolate.

  • Fri

    Doris Friedmann

    Stettfurt, CHL´Amour und Glück
  • Sat

    Doris Friedmann

    Olten, CHL´Amour und Glück
"L´Amour & happyness!"
L´Amour, toujour l´amour! And happyness!

A diva enters the scene. But what is that? Everything goes a little differently than expected.

The bar stool is already occupied – by high heels! The wardrobe is a disaster! The hairstyle is a mess! Whether changing shoes while dancing or even the whole costume, whether putting on make-up without a free hand – as a woman of the world, she solves all the problems that arise in her very own way.

Often surprising, always charming, sometimes poetic, but also sometimes resolute. Songs and scenes merge comically and profoundly. Everyday and crazy-funny situations are mastered without big words. But one thing quickly becomes clear: it’s all about big feelings. L’amour, toujour l’amour! – And happiness!

The multilingual songs are mostly original compositions. They are about love, sadness, loneliness, passion and happiness. Just as important as the music are Friedmann’s body language and facial expressions.

With this expressive mixture, the artist transports her message beyond the boundaries of language. To make much out of little, to celebrate oneself. A kind of guide to happiness.

Playing time: approx. 2x 40 minutes.

Doris Friedmann, „L’Amour und Glück!“; Theater - Chanson - Komik
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Video “L´Amour and Happyness!”

"Small Happyness"
the short version for outdoor, festivals, gala, vaudeville, ...

Armed only with an accordion, a handbag and her voice, Doris Friedmann enchants her audience. She improvises out of the situation, pulls out the right chanson at the right moment, even pulls an evening dress out of her handbag and gracefully changes into her evening dress spontaneously, before the eyes of the audience.

This is not the last feat of the surprising kind. The artist makes the audience doubt their own eyesight with her pupil acrobatics. And there is an introduction to handbag close combat.

Unplugged or amplified, Doris Friedmann knows how to take the audience on a journey through lust and frustration, anger and happiness.

Languages: German, Swiss German, Italian, French or English.

Playing time: variable between 5 to 40 minutes.

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Video “Small Happyness”